Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's been a long time! -- oops

I can't believe it's been so long since our last post! Please forgive us! Moxie has been keeping us busy with her entertaining antics, her newly discovered independent streak, and with vet visits.

She has recovered nicely from her spay, but she has gone to the vet twice since then. Firstly, while we were on vacation, and she was visiting "grandma and grandpa," she gave them a scare by not eating and having digestive trouble. They took her to our vet, who found fibers in her digestive tract. Evidently ate something she shouldn't have. Then, just this week, we took her back to the vet because she started limping early in the week. Turns out, the vet said she has panosteitus, which is an inflammation in the long bone in the leg of growing puppies, esp. large breeds. So, more medicine and another vet bill. She has to be on anti-inflammatory medicine for 10 days, and limited activity (no running or jumping). Good luck with that, right? A six-month old puppy???

She's doing pretty well otherwise. She is starting to show more independence and not listening to us. She also loves to chew everything in sight including David and me! Not so good when she chews through an electrical cord (fortunately, not plugged in!). We are working on these things.

She is always good for at least one laugh a day. Like the time I was cleaning for guests and she chased the swiffer duster all over the kitchen, finally attacking it. She pulled off the dirty cloth and I had to chase her all around the living room to get it back! Oh, for a hidden camera then! There are so many things she does like this every day! It's hard to keep track of all of them.

As I write this, we are sitting outside, enjoying a rare, cooler August day. She loves to lay outside in the grass. Yesterday, we did a lot of yardwork, including weeding. Moxie was "helping" by carrying off piles of weeds! We are enjoying the fruit of our labor today.

Hope to do better about posting. Sorry it's been so long.

Kiko's Korner:

I am fed up with this big black thing that is still around. I was hoping it was just here to visit, but it still hasn't left yet, so now I've decided to teach her a thing or two. I chase her down, wop her on the nose, spit and hiss and growl. I even back her into a corner. You would think she'd get the point, but no, she just comes right back, wagging her tail and prancing around. Stupid creature!