Saturday, December 20, 2008

Moxie says... "Somehow (or at least I'm not telling how) I broke off part of my dewclaw on my front left paw. (The dewclaw, you know, is that odd 5th claw we dogs have higher up on the side of the paw). It hurt because it got up into the quick of the claw (the living part inside).

"Although I was happy to keep licking at it, Dave and Jenni said it wouldn't heal that way, and really weren't too keen about blood on the carpet.

"So, Jenni cleaned it, treated it with something she called, some anti-something stuff, and then taped it up. They were worried that I'd just chew it off, but I'm pretty smart and I realized that it's for my own good. It felt weird at first and I wanted to chew at it, but I controlled myself and have gotten used to it being on and haven't bothered it.

"They said it looks better this morning when they changed it and it doesn't hurt as much now. And most importantly I didn't need to go to the vet!!!"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It is now December, and Moxie is 10 months old. She still is quite the puppy, but we can also see her maturing in other ways as well. Moxie was born at the end of January last year, so we know she is probably no stranger to snow. However, our first good snow of the season, she absolutely fell in love with it! It is so fun to watch her romp around, and make "snow angels" by rolling in it. She is a very hardy soul! She has no problem staying outside for an hour at a time, even in what we consider pretty frigid weather. Which is more than I can say for David and me. Fortunately, she is pretty content these days to be let out on her cable.

Moxie is looking forward to her first Christmas. We are going to visit "Grandma W." in North Carolina, and I can only imagine Moxie will love the adventure. She rides really well in the car, so we don't anticipate any trouble there.

BTW, We have a couple more additions this month to the chewed-up list:
rosebush (completely gone -- dug up we think)
pair of boots (I foolishly left my boots in the unsafe zone, and the toe is completely missing off of one of them!) David says he'd like to see her try that with his steel-toed boots sometime! LOL

Kiko's Korner: Kiko is enjoying having the run of the house this weekend. We went to an out-of-town wedding overnight Friday and had to board Moxie, but we knew we were not going to be able to pick her up in time Saturday, so we have to wait for Monday morning to pick her up. I can't say Kiko minds not having the big black beast around! We miss her though.