Sunday, November 2, 2008

Once again, I come slinking in with my tail between my legs (haha) realizing it's been far too long since I last blogged here. Moxie has discovered her independent streak the last couple months. She has kept us busy of course with good and not-so-good behavior, but we love her and are glad we have her (most of the time anyway lol).

We thought it would be fun to include some of the things victimized by Moxie's chewing habit:

computer cables (5, some expensive)
shoes (all of our shoes are missing bits)
purse (found empty gum box, no gum...or wrappers)
library book (Was about dog training! $25.00)
cell phone holster (2)
old cell phone (chewed badly)
cell phones (our current ones, only slightly scratched)
Family Bible (mostly the box it came in)
TV remote (most of the buttons still work -- it's just "textured" now)
door mat (nice half-circle bite out of)
yard (mostly digging)
blanket throw
laptop (small chew marks on one corner)
rug in her cage (after 2 she has nothing in her cage now)
plastic bags (shredded)
cloth shopping bag
back pack (missing various bits)
dog bowl (likes to gnaw on bowl after dinner)
any kind of paper she gets out of the trash
dog toys (wear out quickly)
small dog bones are consumed swiftly
bone that belongs in a dinosaur museum is more of a challenge

Obviously we have learned if it's important, don't leave it where she can get to it. Moxie has actually slowed down a bit on the chewing. David bought her a cow femur that she loves, loves, LOVES! That has been keeping her busy. All in all, she has been acting a bit less puppy-like the last two weeks or so. So, maybe she is maturing (?)

We call Moxie, Moxie Lou (after my aunt's middle name who made it possible for us to get her) Moxie is now 9 months old (born in January), she stands 26" tall at the shoulders, and weighs about 65 pounds! Yes, a big dog. Not sure if she is done growing yet either.

Moxie's quirks:

~Moxie doesn't mind if she is outside when a train rumbles by, but she hates the vacuum cleaner.
~Moxie is very jealous if David's attentions are elsewhere, be that with the cat, the computer, or even me! She whimpers and whines. She is definitely "Daddy's little girl!"
~Moxie bonks the doorknob with her nose when she wants to go outside.
~Moxie can sense when we are about to leave or go to bed, and she goes right into her kennel.
~Moxie can somehow sense that I am not as energetic as David. When David is home, she fusses to go out a lot more (I think she is hoping for a walk with him). When I am home alone with her, she rests during the day (most of the time), for which I'm very grateful!
~Moxie loves to mouth people and objects. Trying to teach her not to do that.
~Moxie seems to tire of her food quite easily. She'll eat one brand quite happily for a few days, then suddenly, she starts to refuse to eat it, until we switch her to another brand, or mix in some yummy wet food.
~Moxie loves to go on short rides in the car with David when he runs a quick errand. She enjoys sticking her head out the window and well...being like a typical dog.
~Moxie's favorite toys are her squeaky toys, a pink block given to us by my uncle and aunt, and a tennis ball toy given by David's sister and her family.
~Moxie gets very focused on her bone. She gnaws away on it for hours sometimes.
~Moxie's favorite game is laser tag. David has her chase the red dot from a laser pointer all over the house. She never seems to tire of it. She also really enjoys playing fetch.
~Moxie's biggest dream is to run free like a crazy dog. Unfortunately because we have a small yard, and can't trust her off the leash very much, she doesn't get to indulge this very much, if at all.

And the list of her unique Moxisms continues to grow.

We are considering taking her to obedience classes. Although she already has learned the basic commands, we would like to teach her we are the alphas, not her. I have not had very much extra energy lately as I have been going through a flare-up of my CFS the last month. We'll see...