Saturday, December 20, 2008

Moxie says... "Somehow (or at least I'm not telling how) I broke off part of my dewclaw on my front left paw. (The dewclaw, you know, is that odd 5th claw we dogs have higher up on the side of the paw). It hurt because it got up into the quick of the claw (the living part inside).

"Although I was happy to keep licking at it, Dave and Jenni said it wouldn't heal that way, and really weren't too keen about blood on the carpet.

"So, Jenni cleaned it, treated it with something she called, some anti-something stuff, and then taped it up. They were worried that I'd just chew it off, but I'm pretty smart and I realized that it's for my own good. It felt weird at first and I wanted to chew at it, but I controlled myself and have gotten used to it being on and haven't bothered it.

"They said it looks better this morning when they changed it and it doesn't hurt as much now. And most importantly I didn't need to go to the vet!!!"

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