Friday, July 4, 2008

Goin' Places with Moxie

Dave here...

Partly because we want to help Moxie learn to adjust to different situations and partly because she's doing so well at it, we've taken her with us on a number of different occasions lately.

Last Saturday was Fun Day (an annual festival here in our small town). We took Moxie along to the parade in the morning. Despite the many people, and loud noises (bands, tractors, fire engines), she did quite well, sitting at my feet and not freaking out.

Later in the day we took her over to the park where lots of people were around enjoying the food, rides and exploring the vendors' tables. Looking charming with her red bandana around her neck, she attracted no small number of children wanting to pet her and compliments about her looks and demeanor from adults. Above she rests beside Jenni while we watch an impressive strong man demonstration from a distance.

Above left, she's pretty tired out from the day's activities. Sunday was Jenni's birthday and that afternoon we went to our favorite park about an hour away. She went on a walk with us along the side of the lake, again being calm around strangers and showing moderate restraint against chasing the geese. Above center she rests with me for a bit, and above right she keeps an eye on nearby wildlife. On the way home, we stopped over at Jenni's folks.

On Tuesday we went to see my sister's family in the St. Louis area. Moxie's great in the car... just naps quietly on the back seat. Again, Moxie did really well with the kids who had fun feeding her dog biscuits. Above are Senna and Ryan "helping" walk Moxie around their neighborhood.

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Yelly said...

Moxie is SO ADORABLE! She's better behaved than Rosey Mae was at that age! I love how she looks so cute lying in the grass...