Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 8 -- 6/22/08

Well, we learned why Moxie hasn't been feeling well . It turns out she has a nice assortment of various kinds of worms. Yuk! Worms are nearly inevitable for puppies we're told. However, the vet said she has a pretty nasty case. So, now we have medicine to give her, which thankfully she has been eating. We were actually getting concerned because she just wasn't having much of an appetite at all. So hopefully, she'll be feeling better soon.

She has been feeling well enough to start testing our boundaries, however. She has shown us a little independent streak, which we are working quickly to quell. Stinker!

We are feeling a bit of the emotional roller coaster that parents must go through. From pride to joy to worry to frustration! This afternoon, this is how we found her when left unattended for a few moments. Later, we found her like that again! It's awful hard to scold for bad behavior when you are laughing so hard!

But, we also were very proud of her for walking so well this evening with us. Coming back home, we encountered a rather rambunctious big dog who pulled the little girl "he was walking" right over to us. Moxie remained calm through it all. Kind of nice to be on the non-embarrassing side of something like this for a change.

Kiko's corner: We have a momentous progress report to give today. Although there has been a bit of regression with hissing involved -- today we let Kiko out and while David worked with Moxie to get her to a calm, submissive state (for those of you who have seen The Dog Whisperer show) which took quite a while by the way, I petted Kiko to try to calm him, and show Moxie he is an ok and accepted member of our pack. Lo and behold, Kiko ended up laying down (!) about 8 ft away from her, and we all hung out there on the floor for about 5 or 10 minutes! Wow! Keep praying!

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Yelly said...

Hehe! What is it with dogs and paper? My golden retriever likes to eat paper towels and tissues. She also likes styrofoam plates. They aren't tasty, but they ARE fun to tear into little pieces! Give li'l Moxie a pat on the head for me!