Sunday, May 24, 2009

Moxie's Milestones

A thousand apologies for not updating this sooner! Moxie has celebrated many milestones since we last were here. Here are a few of them--

Moxie's first Christmas:
Moxie loved, loved, LOVED going to Grandma W's house for Christmas! She could run around the back yard and explore three levels of house, much more room than she ever has at home. She enjoyed opening her gifts, having a bit of the tasty Christmas rib roast, and getting to know Grandma a bit better.

Moxie's First Birthday:

We celebrated with David for his birthday on January 20th. Moxie's first birthday was January 25th.

Moxie Visits her Like Kind:
Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to visit my uncle Dave and Aunt Bonnie who live in the edge of the Shawnee National Forest in Southern IL.

They have lots of land, so once again, Moxie was in her glory. They have a german shepherd puppy a few months younger than Moxie, so she made a new friend in Kate. They had their moments of disagreement, but overall they enjoyed their adventures together.

Here's a video of them playing together:

We visited my cousin Brian and his family down there as well. He also has a lot of land, so they enjoyed exploring there too. Although when Moxie met their dog, Jack, she didn't know quite what to make of him -- he is huge!

So, as you can see Moxie has had a busy time of it lately.
She has grown up so much, but we'll save the "smaller" news for another day. Love, Moxie

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Eleanor said...

I loved the video, the update and the pictures. She is a beautiful dog.
We have many large dogs in the city in small apartments. These dogs can run free in Central Park before 9am. That is where they get their exercise.
I will see you all Saturday.
Love Aunt Eleanor