Sunday, April 3, 2011

Moxie's Latest....

We haven't been here in a while be honest....there just didn't seem that much new going on to report. Each day blends into each other, much like the one before. But here is an update anyway:

Moxie is now a 75 pound mature german shepherd. She is very strong and capable of dragging Jenni across the front yard (don't ask how we know this -- aargh!) She is very aggressive-sounding to our neighbors despite our best efforts to train her they are all right. She goes into a "zone" it seems like that is very hard to snap her out of. It is nice to have a dog that is so protective of me, David and our home, but we'd like her to chill when we tell her it's ok. One of our neighbors comes right up to her and she shies away from her then. Big tough dog. But we are still embarrassed by her still in progress.

She has mostly grown out of her puppy ways. She still loves to play and greets David very enthusiastically when he comes home from work. I have to wait in line. haha Her favorite games are laser (she has a bit of an obsession with it really) and fetch. She is very good at recognizing patterns in our behavior and habits and responding accordingly.

After many times of being surprised when Moxie met us at the door, even though we had shut and locked her kennel door, we have allowed her to stay free now when we go away and during the night. She has *mostly* behaved herself thus far. There was an incident when I came home to find one of my leather gloves wet, thankfully not damaged. And there was also the morning I came out to find one of my envelopes of coupons dangerously torn up. Fortunately for Moxie, the coupons were still in tact, even though the envelope wasn't. Hmmmm, I wonder if she saw her life flash in front of her eyes. hahaha We do still close the gate between the bedrooms and the living room to keep her and Kiko separated, when we leave the house.

Speaking of Kiko, we have made wonderful progress with the two of them. It's only taken two and a half years! They can now be content within feet of each other, which is a whole lot better than it used to be when they couldn't even tolerate each other at one end of the house to the other. Ok, mostly that was Kiko, but who can blame him. I'm sure from his vantage point, she looks huge and menacing. David still has dreams of them spooning together on a cold winters night, but ahem....we'll have to see about that one. Still, it is very nice to have Kiko feel like he can be a part of our evenings by stretching out on the couch like he used to do.

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