Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 1 -- 6/15/ 2008

We brought Moxie home today. We have been at my uncle Dave and Aunt Bonnie's this past weekend where we picked out our 5 month old german shepherd puppy from some friends of theirs. David named her Moxie. She is very attached to David already and follows him like his shadow everywhere he goes. We have taken her on numerous walks around their property and she always follows close behind us. She is very skittish about any tugging or pulling on her collar, so we have been walking with her off-leash, but she will have to get over that soon.

Our ride home with her was very uneventful. She just relaxed in the back of the Blazer the whole way. My aunt Bonnie gave us a beautiful small quilt she had made to have as her blanket. Really too beautiful for a dog, but Moxie sure appreciated it! She didn't even get car-sick which we thought might happen.

She has always been outside and never has been inside. She is very hesitant to come in and go out of the house. She is slowly getting used to her collar, but still uncomfortable with her leash. We find she stays right by us when we're outside, and doesn't want to stay outside without someone there with her.

When David goes out or goes into another room, she looks for him and whimpers. Hope the anxiety separation improves soon or else I will have a whimpering restless dog on my hands the whole day while David is at work.

Kiko's corner: We shut him into the bedroom for now. We are with him at night and visit with him throughout the day, but he is still frustrated and unhappy to be shut in there.

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