Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 3 -- 6/17/2008

Today we have been able to see more of Moxie's puppy tendencies. She has become increasingly more comfortable with going in and out, going potty more, has a bigger appetite now, increased curiousity about things, and exploring some on her own. She still doesn't stray very far from us, but she is getting braver.

My mom and dad and one of our nephews, Micah, got to meet Moxie today, as well as one of our neighbors. She was fine and friendly with them, albeit a little timid at first.

This afternoon, while I was planting, Moxie kept me company and even tried to "help," by carrying around the empty plastic container the plants had come in, and by trying a couple different times to pick up my hand trowel. Thanks Moxie. Now we have to teach her to stay out of the garden! David and I have been walking her around the perimeter of our yard a few times each day, so she gets the idea of a boundary there.

David has been entertaining her by running around the yard with her, and she is also very good at playing fetch. As I said, she has become more energetic today. I'm afraid for awhile this evening she was downright bored. "What else can we do, huh, huh?"

She loves her toys and would like to thank Lexi (my uncle and aunt's german shepherd) for sharing with her. Her favorite toys right now appear to be a pink block and a rope toy. She was playing fetch with the pink block earlier today. We've had fun. She is responding more to her name, too. She still has had no accidents in the house. Let's keep the streak going, Mox.

Kiko's corner: Thankfully, Kiko seemed to feel more comfortable in the bedroom today. Until tonight, when he snuck out and David took the opportunity to hold him and try to introduce the two again. Kiko was looking very intensely at Moxie and Moxie let out a low growl. After I scolded her, Kiko started growling and hissing himself. So much for that attempt. Took a while to get him to settle down in the bedroom again. Moxie also growled at a neighbor's cat for which she was scolded. We're trying to teach her neighbors and their pets are ok.

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