Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 6 -- 6/20/2008

Moxie here. Jenni is really tired out so I am taking over for now. So anyway, I live with two humans now. The bigger one is named David and the smaller one is named Jenni, I think. I'm still getting them straight.

The last couple days some things have happened that I'm not quite sure I liked. Each morning, the bigger one disappears, and I can't find him anywhere. I look around in all the places I can find him usually, and he's just not around. That makes me sad and I whimper some, but the smaller one says it's all right. I don't think it's all right, but since I don't want to lose the smaller one, too, I follow her everywhere. Sometimes she seems to go back and forth and back and forth; I really don't see the purpose for it, but I still follow her, so I don't lose her. Sometimes the smaller one puts me in my kennel, and she disappears too. This is kind of scary because I really don't want them to forget about coming back and letting me out. Eventually, after a very LONG time, they come back and let me out. Whew!

I'm starting to realize when they say "Moxie" they mean me. When they say "no" that means to stop whatever it is I'm doing at the moment. They are stealing all my fun this way. I'm still learning what come and stay mean. Haven't quite figured those out yet.

The smaller one -- Jenni, I think -- has started walking with me on the leash. I was really scared of the pulling feeling I had with the leash at first, but I found out, it isn't so bad after all, and when I am willing to wear the leash, I get to go to new places. So, that's kind of fun.

One new place we went this morning, was not fun for me. It was a building that smelled like medicine and all different kinds of dogs and cats. My bigger human, David, lifted me onto a cold and slick table and then a strange human I had never seen before started poking and prodding me and feeling me all over, sticking sharp things into my skin, and sticking something into my ears. I didn't like it and was very scared, but since my humans were there, I guess it was all right.

The strange human talked to me in a nice voice, but I still wasn't sure about him. He said some things to my humans and they seemed happy about it. When we came out of the little room into the bigger room, there was another dog there that didn't smell familiar and I got scared of it and pulled away. My humans always tell me it's ok and I guess I have to learn to trust if they say it's ok, it is. We finally were able to get out of there and I was glad! My humans said they have lots of new medicines for me to take, but that I was healthy. I could have told them that without all that trouble!

My humans are a little concerned that I don't seem to be eating very much. And the strange human, which they called my doctor said I was a little on the thin side. But he expects me to get a better appetite eventually.

Well, my paws are getting tired of typing, so bye.

Kiko's Corner: Kiko made some real progress the last couple days. David let him out of the bedroom and let him come in to the living room when he was ready. Moxie was in a very calm state and sleeping. Kiko came to within 6 ft of her and stopped and stared at her for a moment before slinking back into the bedroom. The fact that he didn't react aggressively is a big step for him. Later, David had opened the door to the bedroom and Moxie was on one side, and Kiko was on the other. He said they stared at each other for a moment, but again no violent reaction.

Tonight, we put up a baby gate in the bedroom doorway so they could see each other. So far, so good. On Kiko's nightly trip in to the living room, he got about the same distance to Moxie and stopped. Moxie saw him and became quite interested and wanted to follow him back to the bedroom, but we stopped her. She seemed to notice him for the first time almost and was very interested in him after the gate was shut, but she didn't exhibit any aggressive or mean behavior. Please continue to pray for this. We expect there may be some skirmishes, but we are thankful, very thankful for the progress so far!

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