Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 2 -- 6/16/2008

Today Moxie and David and I are all getting used to each other. She seems very laid-back so far. We have discovered she has very large bladder and digestion control. She has only gone one of each type the whole day. She is eating and drinking, although she doesn't eat a lot. A large part of the day was us trying to anticipate when she might have to go outside, taking her outside (she is still very hesitant to go out or in), and proceeding to wait, walk, wait, and walk for nothing. We are still having her off-leash for now. She is developing a deep dislike for any tugging or pulling on the collar. So much so, that now, even a hint of us coming towards her collar, causes her to move away and dodge. This is a behavior we definitely don't want to continue. Any suggestions about how to create positive vibes with the collar and leash?

This afternoon, her stomach was making some very loud and weird noises, which were kind of funny and a bit scary at the same time. So far, no accidents in the house! yay! She whimpers at first when we put her in her kennel for the night, but she does settle down after a bit.

She is getting used to her new surroundings and her new routines. We are working on "come" and "stay." But I don't think she gets those concepts quite yet. She just stands there and looks at you. After you say it a few times, she may do it.

One ear is up and one ear is down. She is almost to the age where both ears will stand upright. Today, both ears stayed upright for quite awhile. So, she is getting there.

The Lord's timing is really in this, because today, my parents' dog, Daisie, who was like our dog too, died after a sudden decline the last two days. They think it was a stroke or a tumor. We are very heart-broken, but we see God's provision in providing us our own dog at just this time. We had known she had become ill and, at her age, had feared the worst in advance, so we were fortunately not greatly shocked when we got the phone call with the bad news. Daisie was 15 years old, and had led a very happy dog-life!

Kiko's corner: We allowed Kiko to come out of the bedroom and sniff around while we were out today with Moxie. We also set up a chair by the bedroom window and opened it, so he could see and hear us whenever we were outside with her. At one point, Moxie got too close to the window, and he lunged and growled at her. She seemed to take it all in stride, though. Earlier in the day, David brought Kiko out in his arms while Moxie was sleeping. (She sleeps just like a baby -- nothing wakes her up!) Kiko was not happy with seeing this strange creature he'd been seeing outside, inside HIS house, so he let out a bit of a low growl. I spent some time this afternoon resting in the bedroom with him, and he seemed to relax a bit. Please continue to pray for his adjustment to the idea of sharing.


Yelly said...

Awww...She's so cute! I'm so glad that you and Dave were able to get Moxie! My little dog Rowdy used to hate his leash...he would try to chew it like it was an enemy. Fortunately, he got over that. I think Moxie will too! Maybe after you put her on the leash, you could give her a treat. That way, she'll know it's a good thing!

Jenni and Dave W said...

Great idea! We had thought of that, and I think we will try it. Thanks Yelly! Love ya!